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Superlicious - Vitamin Essential Mask (10pcs)


【Product information】

Brand: Superlicious
Name: Vitamin Essence Mask
Specification: 22g/piece. 10PCS/box
Origin: South Korea
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for the crowd: a variety of skin types
Featured ingredients: Wenzhou tangerine, nicotinamide
Efficacy: Antioxidant

【Product efficacy and description】

The main ingredients of this section are added with Wenzhou Citrus peel extract. Wenzhou Citrus is rich in vitamins C, D, fructose, citric acid and other trace elements. Rich vitamins have good antioxidant properties and promote collagen regeneration.
Effectively improve skin elasticity and provide necessary nutrients to the skin. In addition, niacinamide whitening ingredients are added to make the skin shiny and elastic.
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